Be an Advocate

Quality education for all children is just one of many issues before our state leaders. For education to remain a priority, state legislators must hear from education advocates from across the state. Together, we can all make a difference! by being informed and engaged in the legislative process.

  • Learn how schools are funded

Exploring this website provides a good base.

  • Stay Informed

Our communications keep you informed so you are armed with the information you need to engage in the process

  • Educate and engage your community

Discuss your concerns with others and encourage them to get involved. Talk with other parents, your neighbors, and friends about your shared concerns.

  • Learn about the decision makers

Find out who has the most influence in making decisions on education finance and policy.  We also makes it easy to contact key legislators.

We can help!

  • Legislative Training

We can meet with large or small groups to introduce essential school funding, the legislative process, tips for effective citizen lobbying, and suggestions for developing a local legislative network.  These meetings can range from an information gathering with one or several people at a local coffee shop to a more formal PowerPoint presentation for a larger group.

  • Capitol Visits

For school board members, parents, and community members interested in scheduling a trip to the Capitol, we can accompany you during your visit, assist in arranging meetings with your legislators, and provide an update on legislative activities.

Feel free to call or email with questions or comments

Join us at the Capitol

  • The SEE Community Liaison Deb Griffiths arranges and hosts the Capitol visits.
  • Legislators need to know that maintaining high-quality local schools is a top priority for their
    voters. They need to hear from you.
  • The Capitol visits bring parents, community members, school board members, and superintendents together with their legislators to talk about strong and stable local schools.
  • SEE believes strongly that face-to-face interactions with legislators are the most effective form of communication. Your mere presence is powerful!