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A Day of Advocacy and 1 pm press conference on May 9 calling on full funding of special education.  The education conference committee begins its work.

**ACTION ALERT **- Join in on A Day of Advocacy and a press conference at 1:00 pm on May 9 at the State Capitol to call on legislators to fully fund the state’s special education funding shortfall. You can make a difference by just showing up!  See the details.

After amending HF4300 – the education omnibus bill – to only their literacy provisions, the Senate passed the bill by 37-29 on a mostly party-line vote.  One DFLer voted yes to assure a spot on the conference committee.  The conference committee members are selected, and the committee begins its work to resolve the two very different House and Senate versions into a single bill.  You can see the House Research Side-by-Side Comparison and details on the new funding provisions in the SEE comparison in the blue box to the right.  On Monday, the conference committee is meeting to review both bills.  You can see the education conference committee members below.



Without a doubt, if an education bill passes this year, it will contain $30 million for K-5 teachers to take the LETRS literacy training.  It is vitally essential that elementary teachers are experts in the science of reading.  However, even with the best-trained teachers, a child struggling with mental illness or chaos at home needs more support so they can focus on academics.   Also, teachers need ongoing coaching and help to identify and procure the appropriate curriculum to actually see progress in students’ reading proficiency.  Here is an excellent article that explains how Minnesota can teach all kids to read based on the science of reading.

Last week, after reaching a deal on unemployment insurance and front-line hero pay, Senate and House leaders expressed optimism about passing a tax bill and a few budget bills.  Speaker Hortman said a broad global agreement between the Speaker, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Governor on funding and policy must be reached by May 13 to allow time to write and process the bills.  Even if it is a long shot, nothing is ever impossible with the legislature!  Therefore, it is important to join the Day of Advocacy on Monday and continue communicating with state leaders and legislators.


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