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– Legislative Update

**ACTION ALERT** Contact top state leadership to demand that they finish their work!  Minnesota students and taxpayers deserve nothing less!

The GOP-led Senate and DFL-controlled House failed to finish major proposals before the Sunday midnight deadline, including a previously agreed-upon tax deal and an additional $300 million for education.

We need a special session for the legislators to get their work done!  The additional $300 million for education would reduce or prevent budget cuts.  In addition, schools need extra revenue to retain teachers and meet the need of their students after a rough two years.  Only the Governor can call a special session, and he has let the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader know he would call a special session if they can reach an agreement.

  • Disappointment is an understatement for how this legislative session has ended.  We all know that with only a 2% increase on the basic formula next year, it does not even come close to keeping up with inflation.
  •  At one point, there was new funding of $265 million on the table over the weekend for reducing the special education funding gap by 40%, which is crucial for every Minnesota district.  See how this would impact your district.
  • The $40 million in increased equalization of the Local Option Revenue levy in the tax bill would be helpful to many districts in the state and promote greater tax fairness.
  • There is a great need to get those bills passed!  Minnesota students and taxpayers deserve nothing less!

Minnesota public school advocates need their voices to be heard at the Capitol, and that time is now!  Contact the Governor and top House and Senate leadership with a message to return to St. Paul, finish their work on these critical bills, and call a special session to process the bills.  

Include your legislators in the email.  You can find contact information here.

Cut and paste these top state leadership into your email:,,,

If the Governor’s email bounces back, you can cut and paste your email into his email form.







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