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Month: February 2024

Little Action on Solemn Day

Limited Committee Meetings on Wednesday.  A majority of legislators attended the memorial service for the three slain first responders on Wednesday, limiting the number of committees that met.  The only education committee that met was the House Education Policy Committee and they did a walk-through of the Governor’s education policy bill HF 3782 (Pryor).  Most of the bill is technical in nature, containing a number of clarifications to the omnibus education finance and policy bill passed in


Abbreviated First Day of an Abbreviated Week

Senate Education Policy the Only Education Meeting Today.  This week will be an anomaly at the Legislature as both houses will be not be having full committee schedules on either Tuesday or Wednesday because legislators will be heading to their precinct caucuses.  Things will pick up again late Wednesday as a number of legislators will be attending the memorial for the slain first responders on Wednesday morning.  With the policy committee deadline just a little over


Two Weeks Down Twelve Weeks to Go

Some Movement on the School Resource Officer Bill and Some Interesting Bills Heard in House.  The hearing schedule picked up a bit this week and while it’s a long ways to the end of the session, we are seeing some early movement on the school resource officer issue that blew up after the 2023 legislative session over language contained in the 2023 omnibus education finance and policy bill.  Law enforcement believes that language in the bill


Three Bills Heard in House Education Policy

Fairly Quiet Day.  The Senate Education Finance Committee got its turn to hear from the Minnesota Department of Education on how its implementation efforts pertaining to the initiatives passed during the 2023 session are proceeding.  As was the case in the House hearing, a lot of attention was spent discussing the READ act and what the experience of districts has been in the early stages of implementation.  It will be very important for implementation to proceed


Blog-O-Rama 2024

Let’s Get Blogging!  The first week is behind us and there are some busy weeks ahead.  The Education Policy Committees in both the House and Senate tackled the School Resource Officer issue last week.  The House bill now sits in the House Public Safety Policy and Finance Committee where it was laid over after being heard.  The bill was re-referred to that committee from the House Education Policy Committee without recommendation.  The testimony in both committees