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Month: June 2021

Education Bill Passes 65-0 on the Senate Floor.

I thought I would start things off with something upbeat to commemorate the occasion and I settled on ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky.  The clouds that threatened the early days of the 2021 legislative session have vanished and a strong education bill has been passed and a government shutdown has been avoided (just in the nick of time).  While the overall budget target for the E-12 bill is not appreciably larger than recent history (especially when


Several Steps Closer.

The omnibus education funding and policy bill has been moving briskly through the process after the agreement was announced last week.  HF 2/SF 23 was heard in the House Ways and Means Committee last Wednesday and the House Education Finance Committee held an informational hearing on the agreement on Friday morning.  The full House passed the bill by an overwhelming vote of 105-20 on Saturday after several hours of debate which featured the rejection of


At Last.

We’ll end the day with the late Etta James singing her biggest hit “At Last” to signify the final data run that will accompany the release of the omnibus education funding and policy agreement.  Here is a link to the coveted district-by-district data run that shows the estimated per pupil revenue amounts each district is slated to receive over the coming biennium as a result of the agreement. So with no further adieu, here it


More Documents for Your Review.

Linked below are documents showing the overall budget change, individual change items, and levy changes associated with the Omnibus Education Funding and Policy bill. HF 2 State Aid Change Above Base HF 2 Individual Change Items HF 2 Levy Tracking No district-by-district run as of yet, but I imagine one will be available when the bill for when the bill is discussed on the floor tomorrow.