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Legislative Updates

We’re at the point in the 2023 Legislative Session where big things will be happening. With the first policy bill deadline behind us and the second approaching this week, there’s a mad rush to hear as many bills as possible and keep them alive in the discussion. On top of that, the funding bill deadline falls a mere ten days later (April 4) at which point all of the finance bills will have to be out of their committees. That makes it likely that the Senate and House majorities will be setting their budget targets later this week and those targets will provide the parameters for what will be contained in the appropriations bills.

Senate GOP blocks bonding bill, sending DFL back to drawing board

We passed the first milestone in the legislative process for the 2023 legislative session with the first deadline being reached last Friday (March 10).

With the first committee deadline quickly approaching, legislative committees are meeting wall-to-wall trying to get as many bills heard as possible.

Blizzard Edition. Neither snow, nor sleet, nor wind, nor hail can stop the mailman, but it did slow down the Legislature last week and—by extension—my reporting on the goings-on in St. Paul.

Education Bill Summary

An up-to-date look at education bills currently under consideration.

SEE Side-by-Side Comparison

See the education House and Senate bills that SEE is following.

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