Education Legislation

SEE Leads on School Levy Property Tax Bill

In the 2022 legislative session, education advocates can rally around the comprehensive SEE school levy tax relief and reform bill to eliminate the glaring inequities in educational opportunities based merely on a student’s zipcode.

The bill will:

  • Make education-related levies fairer by providing property tax relief for taxpayers in low-property wealth districts to reduce the cost of school levies.
  • Stabilize classroom funding by indexing the basic formula funding to inflation, allowing school boards to renew existing referendum, and provide resources for districts denied adequate federal Covid relief aid.
  • Even out long-term maintenance funding so all districts can maintain their school buildings without shifting funds from students’ educational opportunities.

Check back soon

The formal introduction of the bill happens in late January when the 2022 Legislative Session begins. A bill draft should be available in advance of the session to help SEE members and other advocates make a case for this critical legislation.

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Legislative Committee Meetings

The 2022 Legislative Session begins on January 31, 2022.

Details on Key Legislation

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