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5/16/23 Here is a copy of the conference committee report  HF 2497 Conference Committee Report State Aid Spread Sheet:  HF 2497 State Aid Amounts

5/8/23 Attached are relevant documents that show how the two bills (Senate and House) differ in terms of revenue distribution.  There are two Senate documents, one for each fiscal year that show the aggregate benefit in the major funding streams being proposed in the Senate bill.

The House document provides both a district lookup function on the one page where you simply enter your district number and see the aggregate revenue changes in each year for a given district.  The second page provides a per pupil amount for both fiscal years for all districts.

House Omnibus Education Look-Up   Senate Education Finance Omnibus FY 24   Senate Education Finance Ominbus FY 25

5/7/23 – 2023 Legislature – K-12 Education Finance Omnibus Omnibus – House HF2497-4E & Senate HF2497-1UE – Aid Appropriation Summary; Change Only


Legislative Committee Meetings

Keep up on the education issues that legislative committees address.

SEE Side-by-Side Comparison

Compare the new funding priorities of the Governor, House, and Senate.​

Education Finance and Policy Proposals

The Governor, House, and Senate each produce their own education bills that reflect their priorities. At the end of the session (or possibly in a special session), the three versions must be reconciled into a single education bill through negotiations.

The Governor's Education Bills

Senate Education Bills

House Education Bills

Other Notable Bills

Final Days of the 2023 Legislative Session
Special Education Cross Subsidy
2023- Legislature K-12 HF 2497 Conference Committee Aid and Levies Agreement