Schools for Equity in Education

2022 Legislation Session Call to Action

In the 2022 legislative session, education advocates can rally around the comprehensive SEE School Levy Tax Relief and Reform Bill to eliminate the glaring inequities in educational opportunities based merely on where a student lives. SEE Executive Director Brad Lundell is currently working directly with legislative staff to draft the wide-ranging legislation to address unfair gaps in education funding and taxpayer effort.

SEE Leads on School Levy Property Tax Bill

The formal introduction of the bill happens in late January when the 2022 Legislative Session begins. A bill draft should be available in advance of the session to help SEE members and other proponents make a case for this critical legislation.

Provisions include the following:

  • Provides state funding (equalization) to make numerous school levies more affordable in low-property wealth districts.
  • Gives school boards the authority to renew existing referendums.
  • Stabilizes the equalization funding by indexing it to inflation to prevent the property tax relief from disappearing over time.

Is the Time Right for School Levy Reform?

The legislature is unpredictable and anything can happen. Current circumstances could make the time right.

  • The economy is strong and there is money to spend.
  • Every state legislator is up for reelection in the fall of 2022. All would like to say they lowered taxes for their voters. We must convince legislators that the property tax relief in the SEE bill is the best way to cut taxes as it also makes school funding more equitable for the students in their communities.
  • School levy reform is long overdue! Many taxpayers in low-property wealth districts need property tax relief before considering additional financial support for their local schools.

How You Can Help

SEE strives to educate, empower, and engage so you can act during critical times.

  • Sign up for the SEE legislative updates and action alerts emailed during the legislative session.
  • Respond to action alerts when asked. Most of the time, it just requires an email to your local legislators and copying key state leadership. The action alerts provide specific details.
  • If you are in a SEE district, join us at the Capitol during the SEE Capitol visit scheduled for your school district. Email your superintendent’s office or Deb Griffiths to let us know you are coming.
  • Check out Brad’s Blog and the SEE resource page to deepen your understanding of the issues.