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Education Legislation
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The Education Conference Committee


The Education Omnibus Bills

SEE Side-by-Side Spending Comparison of the Governor's, House, and Senate 
Legislative Spending Comparison of House and Senate 
MASA Bill Summaries:  SF960 - Senate E12 OmnibusHF1065 - House E12 OmnibusEducation-related provisions in other bills?
Below is more information on each bill. 


The Governor's Education Finance Bill - HF1065/SF970

The Governor's Education Policy Bill - HF950/SF788


The House Education Finance and Policy Omnibus Bill - HF1065


The Senate Education Finance and Policy Omnibus Bill - SF960

More information will be added when available.

Check out all the education bills introduced and which ones get scheduled in committees in the SEE education bills summary.

SEE Education Bills Summary

Bills to Watch

Summer Programming:  HF1064 (Davnie-DFL) / SF963 (Chamberlain-R, by request) - Provides $83 million through mostly grants for the Governor's Due North Summer Education Plan.  The funding will come from surplus in the FY21 state general fund.  The bill increases declining enrollment aid to 48.5%, up from 28%, of the basic formula amount of $6,567 per pupil. Each district will receive $3,185 per pupil to compensate for lost enrollment of students leaving school districts due to Covid or other reasons in the 2020-21 school year only.

Basic Formula:  HF843 (Stephenson-DFL) - 2% increase to the basic formula for the next two years and indexes the basic formula to inflation annually thereafter. 

Equalization:  SF626 (Chamberlain-R) - Increases equalization to make voter-approved referendums more affordable for taxpayers in low- property wealth school districts.