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What Can You Do?
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Our children and our public schools are a top priority for many of us.  As our schools struggle from inadequate state funding, many of us find ourselves wondering, “What can I do?”  There are many ways to take action and be a voice for our children.  Get involved today!

Learn all you can about education funding and how it affects your local schools.  Connect at a local level by attending school board meetings and visiting your districts web sites for financial information.    

Sign up to receive legislative updates from Schools for Equity in Education. Share them with your friends and neighbors.  Respond immediately to action alerts.  Your senators and representatives need to hear from you.

Educate and engage your community.   Talk to friends and neighbors, write letters to the editor in local papers, and attend PTO/PTA meetings.  Get the message out that it is the duty of the state leaders and legislators to provide adequate, equitable and predictable funding for our schools.   

Organize a coalition of education supporters in your community.  Bring together your parents, your seniors, your local businesses, your realtor’s associations.  Build a grass roots network in your community that can be activated to support our schools during critical times during the legislative sessions. 

Communicate with your governor, senator and representative.  Email or call them on a regular basis.  These state leaders and legislators determine the funding and policy for our schools.   They need to be held accountable for providing the resources our schools need to ensure that every child reaches their maximum potential and meets or exceeds state and national standards. 

Visit the capitol to meet with your legislators.  Build a relationship with them and share your stories of what is happening in your district.  Face to face meetings with your legislators is an extremely powerful way to communicate just how important education is to you.

Show support for our schools by attending education committee meetings during the legislative session.  A full meeting room sends a strong message to the committee members that their work is vital to the future of our schools. 

Invite your legislators out to your schools.  Work with your district to have your legislators spend some time at your schools.  Let them see the accomplishments as well as the challenges that are affecting your children, the staff and the districts. 

Attend your legislator’s town hall meetings and other community meetings they hold. Ask them pointed questions on how they will support our schools.  Make education part of the conversation at every event your legislators hosts or attends.

Make education an election issue.  Attend candidate forums to ask candidates how they would support our public schools.  Elect candidates that will stand up for our schools.