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Minnesota School Districts Working for Equitable, Adequate and Sustainable Education Funding.

Legislative Action Committees

Definition:  Legislative Action Committees (LAC)are local non-partisan, grassroots community groups of parents, grandparents, business leaders and other community members who have an interest in the future of our kids and community and who strongly believe in a quality and fully funded public education for our children.  This group supports public K-12 education and advocates for public schools at the state legislature.  They advocate for adequate and equitable education funding, the passage of new laws that build strong schools and for the repeal/modifications of existing laws that detract from education by:

  • Building relationships with local legislators to share information on the specific issues impacting the local school district
  • Educating and engaging the community in the political process to build grassroots support for public schools.
  • Having a presence at the state capitol to elevate the importance of K-12 public education.

Let loose the Hounds:  Preparing parents to be your legislative advocates- Great article from the National School Public Relations Association discussing the importance of parents legislatively active in advocating for their local schools.

Legislative Action Committees – basic information on the structure and activities of a LAC.
[Word format] | [.pdf format]

Missions and Structures Examples

Legislative Action Committees – SEE                         
[Word format]   |   [.pdf format]

Legislative Action Coalition (LAC) Structure – Hopkins           
[Word format]   |   [.pdf format]

Legislative Action Committee Mission - Centennial
[Word format] | [.pdf format]

Legislative Action Coalition Organization Structure – Robbinsdale       
[Word format]   |   [.pdf format]

Parent Legislative Team and Network– Robbinsdale   
                Robbinsdale Legislative Action Coalition Brochure               

Model for White Bear Lake                                                       
[Word format]   |   [.pdf format]

                Legislative Action Committee Interest Form  - White Bear Lake

Platform Examples
Centennial’s 2011 Legislative Platform      
[Word format] | [.pdf format]

General Advocacy Information

Preparing for Action – Suggestions for Effective Citizen Lobbying   - SEE  
[Word format]   |   [.pdf format]

Ethical Guidelines for the Parent Legislative Team  - Anoka-Hennepin      
[Word format]   |   [.pdf format] 

Parent and Citizens Groups:  Statewide and Local – Parents United