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Handouts from General Membership Meetings
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Note:  Beginning in 2015, SEE has videos of the each portion of the SEE general membership meetings.  If you are from a SEE member district and would like to view a video, please email Deb Griffiths and she can send you the links to the videos. 

General Membership Meeting - September 24, 2021

Minnesota 2021:  Political Antipode
Dr. Bill Morris - President of the Morris Leatherman Company 

News from the US Senate Education Committee and the Priorities of United State Senator Tina Smith
Amy Johnson Korba - Outreach Director for Education and Business in the Office of U. S. Senator Tina Smith

General Membership Meeting - June 30, 2021

MDE Session Wrap-up 

Adosh Unni, Director of Government Relations and Terri Yetter, Director of School Finance

SEE Zoom Meeting - June 30, 2021

MDE Session Wrap-up 
Adosh Unni, Director of Government Relations and Terri Yetter, Director of School Finance

General Membership Meeting - May 27, 2021
Cruz-Guzman Lawsuit on School Segregation: Update and Mediation Results -
Dan Shulman, Lead Attorney, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Minnesota

HF2471 bill summary / HF2471 bill language - Cruz-Guzman mediation agreement

General Membership - February 12, 2021

Hot Topics, Resources, and Updates from the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) – Dr. Kim Gibbons

General Membership - January 8, 2021

Connecting the Dots
Blois Olson

General Membership - November 13, 2020 

School Finance Working Group Proposed Final Recommendations
Tom Melcher, Minnesota Department of Education
Presentation / Working Group Final Report

Assessment Considerations during COVID-19-Related School Disruptions
Heidi Springborg and Annie Mitty - Minnesota School Psychologist Association
Presentation  /  Paper  

General Membership - September 18, 2020

Minnesota Proposed Constitutional Education Amendment
Justice Alan Page and Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari
Amendment Language

A State Divided 
Peter Leatherman - CEO of Morris Leatherman Company
Presentation / Handout (4 slides per page)

General Membership - January 24, 2020

Effectively Teaching Kids to Read: What do Leaders Need to Know?
Dr. Lori Helman, Director of the Minnesota Center for Reading Reach

General Membership - November 22, 2019

School Finance Working Group Discussion
Commissioner Mary Cathryn Ricker and Finance Division Director Tom Melcher, Minnesota Department of Education

Bringing Improved Economic Understanding to Minnesota Educators and Their Students
Executive Director Julie Bunn of the Minnesota Council on Economic Education

General Membership - September 20, 2019

Use the Constitution:  To Assure Adequate Funding as Skeen Intended
Jerry Von Korff, Attorney, Rinke Noonon Law Firm 

2019:  Self Inflicted Wounds and Public Opinion
Peter Leatherman, Morris Leatherman Company

General Membership - May 23, 2019

2019 Session Wrap Up - MDE
Tom Melcher - School Finance Director and Kate Lynne Snyder - Acting Director of Government Relations, Minnesota Department of Education

Trauma Informed Practices and Full Service Community Schools
Justin Killian - Education Issues Specialist and Paul Winkelaar - Political Action Specialist, Education Minnesota

General Membership - April 12, 2019

Developmental Relationships:  A new Emphasis for Youth Development and Education 
Kent Pekel, President and CEO of Search Institute

2018 Minnesota KIDS COUNT
Jennifer Bertram, Minnesota 's Children’s Defense Fund KIDS COUNT Coordinator f

General Membership - January 11, 2019

2019 Legislative Priorities - Advancing Student-Centered Learning and Innovation
Krista Kaput - Education Evolving 

General Membership - September 21, 2018

Public Perceptions in this Turbulent Time 
Dr. Bill Morris - President of the Morris Leatherman Company 

General Membership - May 24, 2018

Decoding Dyslexia Minnesota Presentation
Rachel Berger, Founder and President of Decoding Dyslexia Minnesota; and Rachel Deppa, Board Member of Decoding Dyslexia Minnesota and of the Delano Public Schools

E-12 Education Finance and Policy Provisions - 2018 Legislative Session Presentation
Tom Melcher – Director, School Finance, Adosh Unni – Director, Government Relations, and Kate Lynne Snyder -- Deputy Director, Government Relations

General Membership - April 20, 2018

Mental Health Needs in Minnesota - Sue Abdenholden, NAMI

General Membership - December 9, 2017

Education Sales Tax
Paul Durand and Steve Westerberg

General Membership - Septmeber 22, 2017

To the Left, to the Right, and Back to Center
Dr. Bill Morris - Morris Leatherman Company

Every Student Succeeds Act State Plan Overview
Michael Diedrich - MDE Policy Specialist

General Membership - May 25, 2017

MDE Session Wrap-up - Updated 6/20/17
Tom Melcher and Adosh Unni

Early Learning Opportunities - Pubic Schools
Steve Kerr - Anoka-Hennepin

Early Learning Scholarships and Parent Aware
Ericca Maas - Glose Gaps by 5

Special Session HF2 - Education Omnibus Bill

General Membership - December 2, 2016

Social Emotional Learning - Dr. Clayton Cook

General Membership - September 16th, 2016

Examples of Data Use from Kindergarten to College and Career Readiness - Dave Heistad, Executive Director ofResearch, Evaluation and Assessment for Bloomington Public Schools

The Hurricane of 2016:  A Farce in Three Acts" - Bill Morris, President of The Morris Weatherman Company

General Membership - May 26, 2016

A Look at the Fall Elections - Political Commentators Maureen Shaver from Shaver Public Affairs and Todd Rapp from Himle Rapp and Company

Education Session Wrap-up - School Finance Director Tom Melcher and Government Relations Director Adosh Unni from the Minnesota Department of Education

General Membership - February 12, 2016

Quick Look at Minnesota's Assessments - Jennifer Dugan
[PowerPoint] / [.pdf]

Members:  Email Deb Griffiths if you would like access to the videos of the meeting.

General Membership - September 25, 2015

Kim Gibbons - CAREI
[PowerPoint] / [.pdf]

SEE Accomplishments
[PowerPoint] / [.pdf]

One Page Summary

Bill Morris - Morris Leatherman Company
[PowerPoint] / [.pdf]

General Membership - May 21, 2015

Reautorization of ESEA - Dan Solomon, Education Advisor to Senator Al Franken (D-Minn)

MDE Education Omnibus from Conference Committee

Finance Provisions - Tom Melcher from MDE
[PowerPoint] / [.pdf]

Policy Provisions - Adosh Unni

General Membership - April 24, 2015

Senator Greg Clausen (DFL-Apple Valley)
Senate DFL Budget Comparison

Susan Brower, MN State Demographer
[PowerPoint] / [.pdf]

Preparing for Minnesota's Changing Economy
Laura Kalambokidis, MN State Economist
 / [.pdf]

General Membership - February 20, 2015
GASB No. 68 - Jay Stoffel, Deputy Executive Director. TRA Minnesota

Estimated Total Cost for Percent Increases to the Basic Formula

General Membership - January 23, 2015

Voices of Transformation:  Changing School and Collaborating to Build STEAM Education
David Krenz - Superintendent, John Alberts - Director of Educational Services and Jean McDermott - IJ Holton Intermediate School Principal, Austin School District

General Membership - November 21, 2014
World's Best Work Force - Steve Dibb, MDE

Innovative Career and Technical Programming - Greg Winter, Superintendent, Luke Becker, Ag Science and Technology Teacher, Braham Public Schools

Technology Integration - Digital Learning Coaches - Jeff Elstad, Superintendent, Byron Public Schools

General Membership - September 26, 2014

School Facilities Financing Work Group Recommendations - Tom Melcher
Presentation Handout

General Membership - May 22, 2014

Terri Yetter and Steve Huser from the Minnesota Department of Education - Session Update

Karen Hynick from MnSCU and Paula Palmer from MDE

 General Membership - April 24, 2014

General Membership - November 22, 2013

General Membership - May 23, 2013

Minnesota Department of Education Bill Summary

District Data Runs - Shows new revenue for each district
      Excel spreadsheet with all information

Or for those with out Excel:
     2013-14 [pdf] / 2014-15  
[pdf] / Categories [pdf]  

General Membership Meeting - January 25, 2013

Minnesota Department of Education presentation on the Governor's E-12 budget components 
   -  [PowerPoint] / [.pdf]
   -  Revenue Summary by District      

Bill Morris - "Just-in-Time Politics" Running Government like
[PowerPoint] / [.pdf] 

General Membership - September 21, 2012

Governor Dayton's Tax Reform for a Better Minnesota
[PowerPoint] / [.pdf]
Commissioner Myron Frans - Minnesota Department of Revenue

GiveMN Video

Getting Started for School Leaders

GiveMN Registration Form

General Membership - May 24, 2012

Minnesota Common Course Catalog
[PowerPoint] / [.pdf]
Cheryl Strum - Minnesota Department of Education

General Membership - April 13, 2012

Minnesota’s New Accountability System
Sam Kramer - Minnesota Department of Education

Recent Decisions in Education Adequacy Litigation
Leah Graf - Center for Negotiation and Justice

General Membership  - January 27, 2012
Facilitating Achievement Across the Student Lifecycle
Dr.Todd Bloom, Naviance
[PowerPoint format] | [.pdf format]

General Membership -November 18, 2011
The Power of Americorps
Kathy Saltzman, Executive Director
Minnesota Americorps
[PowerPoint format] | [.pdf format]
Reading Corps K-12 Fact Sheet

General Membership -September 16, 2011
State Funding of Education:  The Easiest Budget Cut of All?
Dr. Bill Morris, Decision Resources, LTD
PowerPoint or PDF

Jay Stoffel, Deputy Executive Director