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2014 Taxpayer Savings and Equalization Percentatages for the District's School Levy
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What does it mean?

The 2013 Legislature made school levies more affordable for taxpayers in low property wealth districts.  In the chart above, Pay 13 shows the previous equalization percentages.  Pay 14 shows the new percentages after the 2013 Legislative Session.  For Pay 14, the previous Tier 1 is divided into two tiers.  Tier 1 is "supercharged".  Tier 2 is roughly the same as the previous Tier 1.  

In sample of Albany to the right, previously the state paid 35 cents of every levy dollar up to $760 per pupil.  Due to the increased equalization, starting for levies collected in 2014, the state pays 63 cents of every levy dollar up to $300 per pupil of levy.  The state pays 36 cents for the part of a levy between $300 - $760 per pupil and 0 cents for the remaining levy, if applicable.  With the state paying more, the tax burden on property owners in Albany decreased by $151,297.

Note:  The total taxpayer savings is calculated for the district’s 2013-14 school levy (the optional $300 board-approved levy and the voter-approved levy) and the location equity revenue, if applicable, comparing what the cost to the district’s taxpayers would have been before the equalization changes made by the 2013 Legislature and then after.

You can find your district's chart below.