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All public school children must have equal access to a high quality education regardless of where they live in Minnesota.


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Education News

These Minnesota schools had the highest ACT scores this year
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal - 11/11/19

Minnesota schools embrace iPads, laptops — and hope they're readying students for a digital future
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 11/9/19

Are Minnetonka Public Schools secretly monitoring students’ social media posts?
MinnPost - 11/7/19

School construction process faulted in Minnesota
Post Bulletin - 11/8/19

A lot of 'yes' in Minnesota school referendums
Minnesota Public Schools - 11/6/19

New tax credit for ag land might help rural Minnesota schools increase funding
Grand Forks Herald - 11/1/19

Minnesota math and reading scores on par or higher than national averages
Minnesota Public Radio - 10/30/19

Minnesota's ACT scores remain tops among states where most take the test
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 10/30/19

Minnesota schools get 26.6% of their funds from local taxes, NEA reports
The Neighbor - 10/30/19

Here’s where Minnesota schools get their money and how it is spent
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 10/28/19

Report: Minnesota among worst states in country for educational disparities
MinnPost - 10/15/19

More than a year later, local education unions deal with Janus decision: U.S. Supreme Court case impacts union dues
The Bemidji Pioneer - 10/15/19

As test scores drop, Minnesota educators seek a 'new conversation' about math
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 10/11/19

Why Ed Commissioner Ricker sees National Board Certification as a key tool for elevating teacher performance
MinnPost - 10/10/19

School Trust Lands provide important revenue for area schools
ECM Publishers

State releases $30 million for school safety upgrades
Minnesota Public Radio - 10/3/19

Special Ed teachers honored for curriculum development
Aitkin Age - 10/1/19

What is 360-degree learning, and why is it growing?
Multi Briefs Exclusive - 10/1/19

Minnesota's school nurses face growing workloads and complex demands
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/29/19

Gov. Tim Walz to focus on reducing school dropouts; critics see a diversion from falling test scores
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/28/19

Worker shortage sparks Minnesota businesses to think outside of the box
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/28/19

St. Cloud’s new Tech High School opens with big labs, big tech and an eye toward the future
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/23/19

Data show significant disparities in ‘rigorous course taking’ among Minnesota high school students
MinnPost - 9/19/19

Seeking 'herd immunity': Local schools see slight rise in non-medical vaccine exemptions
West Fargo Pioneer - 9/15/19

Minnesota district uses student voice to combat racism
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/13/19

Minneapolis program aims to address student housing insecurity
Education Dive - 9/9/19

Our view: Schools alone can't close achievement gaps
Post Bulletin - 9/5/19

School lunch shaming decreasing, but still a problem in Minnesota
Fox 9 News - 9/5/19

More Minnesota students opting out of state tests
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/4/19

Judge dismisses group's lawsuit asking the state to cover St. Cloud's cross-subsidy
St. Cloud Times - 9/4/19

MN education officials: New immigration rules could strip funding from schools, students
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/2/19

The State of Our Students
Minnesota Department of Education - August 2019

Minnesota math scores continue to decline; achievement gaps persist
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/29/19

Education commissioner calls state of Minnesota's students 'promising'
Fox 9 News - 8/29/19

Rolnick’s preschool plan to close gap deserves study
Star News - 8/25/19

First teacher pipeline courses beginning at Minnesota West
The Globe - 5/24/19

Push to increase ‘educational attainment’ in Minnesota reveals stark racial disparities
MinnPost - 8/22/19

Private High Schools In Twin Cities: Tuition Cost, Rating - 8/19/19

STMA ranked #1 In Wright County, #6 in Minnesota
Press & News - 8/19/19

As some Minnesota students flock to the fair, others are already in classrooms
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 8/17/19

Native American tour is designed to educate teachers on historical trauma
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/14/19

Study ranks Minesota at the bottom for early learning
KIMT3 News - 8/13/19

Low graduation rate prompts ads branding Minnesota as 'worst' for students of color
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 8/3/19

Hearing and helping Minnesota’s homeless youth and families
Mille Lac's Messinger - 7/31/19

Minnesota among top states for public education
Kare 11 - 7/29/19

Farm to Summer Week: MN Kids Enjoy Locally Grown Food
Public News Service - 7/15/19

From pushback to engagement: How Minnesota school districts have reacted to being flagged for discipline disparities
MinnPost - 7/8/19

Why are hundreds of Minnesota students starting kindergarten at age 4?
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 6/16/19

Bipartisan bill to build Minnesota's ranks of teachers of color sputtered
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 6/9/19

Mesabi Daily News - 6/8/19

Additional funding, Ag2Schools increase, special education changes top final Minnesota legislative E-12 education bill
The Globe - 6/8/19

Is special education underfunding a constitutional violation? Court to hear arguments Friday
St. Cloud Times - 6/4/19

How young is too young to be suspended from school?
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/4/19

Minnesota honors bilingual graduates with biliteracy seal - 6/2/19

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 6/1/19

Incremental change, ‘lackluster’ year: Compromises all around in final Minnesota education budget
MinnPost - 5/29/19

Legislators decide to fund farm-to-school initiative
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/28/19

Ellison: Schools can't block students from graduation for lunch debt
Duluth News Tribune - 5/15/19

Key to a healthy, prosperous future for Minnesota is giving more kids access to breakfast at school
Grand Rapids Herald Review - 5/11/19

Three sisters homeschooled after decade of bullying: State official says problem is rising across Minnesota
Duluth News Tribune - 5/11/19

Unified gym class changing the culture of Buffalo High School
ABC 5 News - 5/10/19

‘Help us’: Minnesota school officials plead with lawmakers to fix special education cross-subsidy
MinnPost -5/9/19

Closing Minnesota's Education Gap: How you can help
Valley News Live - 5/9/19

Saying 'no' won't lead to budget deal at the Capitol
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 5/7/19

An amicable start to E-12 education finance conference committee discussions
House Session Dailey - 5/6/19

Divided Minnesota Legislature faces spending chasm on schools
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 5/4/19

Minnesota House passes education budget increase, setting up clash with Senate
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 4/24/19

Minnesota graduation rates hit new record
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 4/23/19

Once again, Minnesota takes the lead on special education
Marshall Independent - 4/22/19

A lot of Minnesota lawmakers agree on the need to recruit and retain teachers of color. There’s a lot less agreement on how much the state should spend on it.
MinnPost - 4/19/19

Minnesota education leader supports national certification for teachers
Duluth News Tribune - 4/19/19

Competing priorities: Comparing the DFL, GOP and Walz education budgets
MinnPost - 4/17/19

Education is half the state budget — GOP and DFL start negotiations nearly a billion dollars apart
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 4/15/19

4 best practices for implementing state longitudinal data systems
Education Drive - 4/15/19

Should Minnesota grade its schools?
MinnPost - 4/9/19

Minnesota House Democratic bill hikes corporate taxes to help schools
KSTP - 4/7/19

DFL bills aim to rein in teacher licensing changes
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 4/6/19

Governor signs snow day relief bill for Minnesota schools
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 4/1/19

Breakfast After the Bell will serve up student success
MinnPost - 4/1/19

‘We can’t sustain this’: special-ed shortfalls strain Minnesota districts as lawmakers struggle to find long-term solution
MinnPost - 3/29/19

Minnesota bill would add firearm safety, hunting to physical education classes
The Hill - 3/28/19

Missed days due to snow, cold won’t count against schools
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/27/19

Getting 'hooked' on hunting, fishing at a young age: Bill would help schools add outdoors-based curriculum
Bemidji Pioneer - 3/27/19

Omnibus early childhood education bill includes more scholarship funding
House Session Daily - 3/26/19

Snow days still vexing leaders even as warmth rolls in
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/26/19

Letter from Education Commissioner Mary Cathryn Ricker regarding snow days bills

Minnesota Democrats offer E-12 funding boost, public tuition freeze in budget proposal
Duluth News Tribune - 3/25/19

Looking to reduce discipline disparities, House bill would ban preschool suspensions in Minnesota
MinnPost - 3/22/19

Minnesota lawmakers debate snow-day relief as hourly school workers worry about pay
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 3/21/19

Rochester lawmaker wants to bring P-TECH program to Minnesota schools
Mid City Beat - 3/20/19

‘We’ll fight for this one’: Gazelka says bill creating tax credits for private school scholarships is a GOP priority
MinnPost - 3/20/19

Parents of color want a clearer way to assess schools in Minnesota
MinnPost - 3/20/19

Division considers a variety of special education funding proposals
House Session Daily - 3/19/19

Smith backs legislation to invest $100 billion in education
Brainerd Dispatch - 3/19/19

Republicans ready to reopen Minnesota school choice debate
Red Wing Republican Eagle - 3/19/19

Bill aims to stop the “pre-K to prison pipeline”
House Session Daily - 3/14/19

Committee approves omnibus E-12 education policy bill
House Session Daily - 3/14/19

Civics engagement requirement added to omnibus E-12 education policy bill
House Session Daily - 3/13/19

Committee reviews governor’s education funding bill
House Session Daily - 3/13/19

School safety grant program could be extended due to overwhelming demand
House Session Daily - 3/12/19

Preschool teachers could be subject to K-12 licensure requirements
House Session Daily - 3/12/19

Educator licensing system changes included in omnibus E-12 policy bill
House Session Daily - 3/11/19

Committee considers increased eligibility for school-age care programs
House Session Daily - 3/8/19

As snow days pile up, school districts ask lawmakers for relief
House Session Daily - 3/6/19

MN school sees gains when kids' art, social needs take center stage
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/6/19

Students with dyslexia could be identified sooner
House Session Daily - 3/5/19

Minnesota House panel eyes tougher teacher licensing standards
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/4/19

Teacher licensure system, overhauled in 2017, may see more changes
House Session Daily - 3/4/19

Civics, cursive writing, sexual consent: Lawmakers propose school mandates
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 3/3/19

Calling current curriculum inadequate, advocates call for comprehensive sex ed in MN schools
House Session Daily - 3/1/19

Students could have improved access to school counselors and support staff
House Session Daily - 2/28/19

Proposal would aim to increase percentage of teachers of color
House Session Daily - 2/27/19

Governor seeks additional $733 million for E-12 education funding
House Session Daily - 2/27//19

Students could be required to take personal finance course
House Session Daily - 2/26/19

Regional public libraries could see funding increase
House Session Daily - 2/26/19

Committee considers changes to special education services
House Session Daily - 2/25/19

Walz calls on Minnesota to meet needs of 'the whole child'
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/20/19

Bill aims to put an end to lunch shaming students
House Session Daily - 2/20/19

Teens could have improved access and more affordable driver education
House Session Daily - 2/20/19

Lawmakers consider funding suicide-prevention training for teachers
House Session Daily - 2/19/19

Starting Line: Proposal aims to reduce students' mobile device usage during school hours
House Session Daily - 2/18/19

Teachers union says Minnesota schools need $4 billion more and the rich should pay
Inforum - 2/16/19

Minnesota Bill Could Boost Farm-to-School Initiatives
ABC Channel 6 News - 2/16/19

'Breakfast after the Bell' program would increase student access to first meal of the day
House Session Daily - 2/14/19

Mary Cathryn Ricker, Minnesota's new education commissioner, brings 'solution-driven ambition' to state's schools
Minneapolis Start Tribune - 2/13/19

Rochester lawmaker wants to bring P-TECH program to Minnesota schools
Med City Beat - March 2019

Bill would allow school districts to start before Labor Day
House Session Daily - 2/13/19

School boards could gain authority to renew expiring referendums
House Session Daily - 2/12/19

Bill would increase funding for early childhood screenings
House Session Daily - 2/12/19

Minnesota schools may seek reprieve for canceled classes
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/11/19

Online learning has replaced snow days in some Minnesota school districts, and more may follow
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/8/19

Minnesota doesn't have enough substitute teachers — and it's hitting hard in local schools
SC Times - 2/7/19

Auditor's report highlights state's "complex and fragmented" early childhood programming
House Session DAily - 2/7/19

Bill would increase funds for English language learners
House Session Daily - 2/6/19

Students are never too young to suffer from stress, legislators told
House Session Daily - 2/6/19

Special education providers feeling buried by paperwork
House Session Daily - 2/5/19

School lunch participation solid, but breakfast program lags
House Session Daily - 2/5/19

At southern Minnesota school, everyone and everything focuses on kindergarten
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/2/19

Minnesota schools ready to teach, feed kids after cold snap
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/1/19

Paying the bill for exploding special ed costs
Minneapolis Star Tribune Editorial Board - 1/31/19

House panel gets rundown of the state’s early learning initiatives
House Session Daily - 1/31/19

School districts grapple with growing special education funding gap
House Session Daily - 1/31/19

Most licensed Minnesota teachers are turning to other careers
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 1/31/19

Minnesota’s persistent literacy gap has lawmakers looking for ways to push evidence-based reading instruction
MinnPost - 1/31/19

Bill would establish framework for educational grant applicants
House Session Daily - 1/31/19

Leaders share strategies on tackling the opportunity gap
House Session Daily - 1/30/19

Bill would establish framework for educational grant applicants
House Session Daily - 1/30/19

New Minnesota schools chief brings a teacher's eye to the job
Minnesota Public Radio - 1/28/19

Starting Line: A reminder that college isn't the only option post-high school
House Session Daily - 1/28/19

Tim Walz considers shift away from school referendums to fund Minnesota schools
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 1/28/19

Investments in early childhood could prevent, close skills gaps, division hears
House Session Daily - 1/24/19

Relationships play key role in students’ academic success
House Session Daily - 1/23/19

More kids than ever need mental health services, members hear during joint meeting
House Session Daily - 1/22/19

Proposed bill calls to make teacher board mandated misconduct reporters
5 Eyewitness News - 1/21/19

Review of state's education funding formula highlights its complexities
House Session Daily - 1/16/19 

State's new teacher licensing board up and running, but challenges persist
House Session Daily - 1/15/19

Analysis Shows Great Disparities Between Black & Whites In Minnesota
CBS Minnesota - 1/16/19 

Youngest Minnesotans’ health and education focus of new division
House Session Daily - 1/15/19

Recovery School offers students a path to sobriety
Post Bulletin - 1/12/19

MSBA requests state attorney general file lawsuit
Farmington Independent - 1/11/19

Former school board member, St. Cloud NAACP plan to sue Minnesota for education funding
St. Cloud Times - 1/11/19

First 10 bills offer glimpse of DFL's ‘Values Agenda’
House Session Daily - 1/9/19

Minnesota's new ed chief doesn't want to arm teachers
Minnesota Public Radio - 1/4/19

From early ed to school safety: A look at the education issues Minnesota lawmakers are set to tackle in 2019
MinnPost - 1/3/19

Minnesota receives $4.7 million to streamline early learning access
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 1/2/19

New rules on sexual misconduct could affect Minnesota K-12 schools
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 1/1/19

On lawmakers' education agenda: school funding, safety and prekindergarten
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 12/29/18

House committee assignments for the 2019-20 biennium are released
House Session Daily - 12/21/18

Walz names education, corrections agency heads
Minnesota Public Radio - 12/20/18

Editorial: Iowa Legislature should extend sales tax for school infrastructure
Des Moines Register - 12/11/12

Teachers back new MN climate education standards, but topic's still hot
Minnesota Public Radio - 12/11/18

What education insiders are hoping for in Minnesota’s next ed commissioner
MinnPost - 12/5/18

Thinking about switching career paths to become a teacher? It’s daunting, but might be getting easier
MinnPost - 12/1/18

Teacher Pay: How Minnesota Ranks - 11/26/18

'He'll be a voice for us': Walz's election spurs optimism among Central Minnesota teachers
SC Times - 11/26/18

Minnesota awards $5 million for specialized mental health at schools
Star Tribune - 11/24/18

Gov. Mark Dayton's education legacy: a new focus on early learning
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 11/24/18

After seven years of work, Minnesota has a new system for licensing teachers
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 11/23/18

Minnesota schools embrace hands-on learning with 'makerspaces'
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 11/23/18

House committees, schedule and chairs announced for 2019-20 biennium
House Session Daily - 11/21/18

How one school district is looking to reconfigure mental health services for Minnesota’s most at-risk youth
MinnPost - 11/21/18

School bond referendum requests fare better in 2018, but rural-urban divide persists
MinnPost - 11/14/18

School-linked mental health programs awarded grants
The Globe - 11/3/18

Minnesota educators continue to grapple with one of the most critical — and politicized — education issues: reading instruction
MinnPost - 11/1/18

Minnesota’s school counselor crisis
Kare11 - 10/31/18

Why it's a good economic bet to invest in early childhood
Minnesota Public Radio - 10/30/18

Minneapolis Fed tackles education this week
Minnesota Public Radio - 10/22/18

Minnesota's ACT scores remain steady, among best in the U.S.
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 10/17/18

Education Is on the Ballot This November
Center for American Progress - 10/12/18

Shortage of school workers in Minnesota hampering some operations
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 10/8/18

Bethel Announces New Undergraduate Special Education Programs
Bethel University - 10/3/18

MN had $25M to give for school safety; schools requested nearly 10 times that
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 10/1//18

The ‘full-service community schools’ model is getting high-profile political support in Minnesota. So what is it?
MinnPost - 9/26/18

Minnesota School Districts Ask Voters to Pay for Security Upgrades
5 Eyewitness News - 9/25/18

One week window opens for teachers to opt out of union dues
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/25/18

Budget gaps challenge Minnesota school districts
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/25/18

Minnesota School Districts Ask Voters to Pay for Security Upgrades
5 Eyewitness News - 9/24/18

Minnesota school districts grapple with discipline disparities
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/22/18

Minnesota’s new school accountability system: How is it different — and how is it being received?
MinnPost - 9/21/18

An Unlikely Alliance: Here's What Can Happen If Teachers Unions Embrace Charter Schools
Forbes - 9/11/18

As School Starts, Lawmaker Vows to Keep Teachers with Criminal Pasts Out of Classrooms
5 Eyewitness News - 9/8/18

With a few exceptions, Minnesota governor’s race shows stark differences on education
MinnPost - 9/7/18

Minnesota school safety upgrade applications top $250 million
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/7/18

State fair poll shows strong support for background checks during all gun sales
House Session Daily - 9/4/18

School safety concerns persist in Minnesota as new school year begins
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/2/18

State rolls out new accountability system for schools
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/30/18

Minnesota’s math standards need revision, national school reform group says
The Daily Globe - 8/27/18

Report: Minnesota’s public schools 7th best in U.S.
Minnesota Watchdog - 8/24/18

How Do You Get Better Schools? Take the State to Court, More Advocates Say
New York Times - 8/21/18

Minnesota Supreme Court revives 'bad teachers' lawsuit
Grand Forks Herald - 8/21/18

As desegregation case proceeds, here’s a look at what became of the metro's earlier effort
MinnPost 8/21/18

Minnesota works to complete teacher licensing overhaul
Minnesota Star Tribune - 8/17/18

Bills and bulletproof backpacks: Safety measures for a new school year
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/16/18

Getting to the 'Aha!' moment: Group seeks tutors to help kids gain math and reading skills
SC Times - 8/11/18

Candidates in Minnesota governor's race divided by visions for education
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 8/9/18

Department of Human Rights reached agreements to reduce disparities in suspensions
Insight News - 8/8/18

State has $25 million earmarked for security, but schools need much more
Austin Daily Herald - 8/7/18

Coming up short: Bus driver shortages impact school districts nationwide, including Mower County
Austin Daily Herald - 8/4/18

Minnesota charter schools are facing growing pains
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 8/4/18

Courts can rule on educational adequacy, ruling says
Southwest Journal - 8/3/18

More Schools Banning Backpacks As Students Return To Class
CBS Minnesota - 8/3/18

Minnesota's 100 Best Public High Schools: New Rankings Released
Eagan Patch - 8/3/18

Human Rights Department analyzes discipline disparities at MN schools
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/3/18

Map: How Public Education Ranks In Minnesota
Patch - 7/30/18

Safer schools the goal of district leaders, law enforcement's assessment training
Lonsdale News Review - 7/30/18

MN Supreme Court: Parents’ lawsuit accusing state of racially segregating students can proceed
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 7/25/18

School safety concerns inspire MN company to create new doors
Kare11 - 7/25/18

The number of majority-minority school districts in Minnesota has doubled in the last five years
MinnPost - 7/23/18

MN Teachers Weighing Option to Opt Out or Go All In on Union Fees Following Supreme Court Decision
Twin Cities Business - 7/12/18

New Report Highlights How Exclusionary Discipline Leads Students to Disconnect from School
PR News - 7/11/18

Learning for Leadership charter school in Minneapolis is forced to close
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 7/3/18

Nine Minnesota schools agree to work on discipline rates of people of color, disabilities
Brainerd Dispatch - 6/29/18

What does Supreme Court union ruling mean for Minnesota?
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/27/18

Making schools safer: Harsh consequences, or second chances?
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/22/18

Apprenticeships and two-year degrees are calling -- is anyone listening?
Duluth News Tribune - 6/9/18

Expert: Mental Health Classes in Schools Could Help Address Nationwide Suicide Epidemic
5 Eyewitness News - 6/8/18

More Teachers Are Quitting In Minnesota
CBS Minnesota - 6/6/18

Minnesota high school grad rate ranks 35th in U.S.
Minnesota Public Schools - 6/5/18

Minnesota schools just got $25 million to improve 'facility security.' Here's what that means, and why it may do little to make students more secure
MinnPost - 5/31/18

Dayton — reluctantly — signs bonding bill into law
House Session Daily - 5/30/18

Open enrollment's greatest impact is in small school districts
Mankato Free Press - 5/26/18

Minnesota school funding: What just happened?
MinnPost - 5/24/18

Cash-strapped schools await word of veto decisions
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/22/18

Session adjourns with new funding, tax conformity hanging in the balance
House Session Daily - 5/21/18

With minutes left, House passes pension stabilization bill
House Session Daily - 5/21/18

Safe schools funding added to revised tax conformity bill
House Session Daily - 5/20/18

Minnesota Legislature prepares for its ritual mad dash
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/18/18

‘Jake’s Bill’ aims to end opioid addiction through education
House Session Daily - 5/16/18

Session stretch run opens with Dayton ultimatum
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/14/18

Gov. Mark Dayton: More school aid or no GOP tax cuts
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 5/14/18

2 Dozen Schools Still Negotiating Teacher Contracts
5 Eyewitness News - 5/14/18

As Minnesota debates a last-minute funding boost, some historical context for state-funding of schools
MinnPost - 5/11/18

Chronic budget shortfalls: a look at the last-ditch solutions some Minnesota school districts are relying on
MinnPost - 5/9/18

Transportation amendment hits pothole in state Senate
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/8/18

Republicans say Dayton's emergency education funding request isn't an emergency
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/2/18

Dayton proposes emergency school spending
Capitol View - 5/1/18

Audit finds Minnesota preschool programs ‘complex and fragmented’
Inforum - 4/26/18

Study: Colleges that ditch the SAT and ACT can enhance diversity
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/26/18

New Issues Arise Involving Testing Company
Eyewitness 5 News - 4/25/18

High-paying trade jobs sit empty, while high school grads line up for university
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/25/18

\Area superintendents say flexible funding needed to improve school security
The Free Press - 4/22/18

Early childhood education growing, but gaps remain
Duluth News Tribune - 4/19/18

BWCA school trust lands dispute moves closer to resolution
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/18/18

Gov. Dayton, Knoblach proposals target special education cross-subsidy
SC Times - 4/16/18

Minnesota Lawmakers Mull New School Telemental Health Programs
mHealthIntelligence - 4/17/18

New Safety Measure Helps MN Schools Get Passing Grades on Tests for Lead in Drinking Water
KXRA Voice - 4/16/18

Schools, governor push to make preschool funding permanent
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/12/18

How to solve the skilled-workforce shortage? Lawmakers consider going back to the basics
House Session Daily - 4/11/18

Special ed, pre-k funding, school safety top governor’s E-12 supplemental budget proposal
House Session Daily - 4/10/18

MN students near top on national test. Breaking results down by race tells another story.
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 4/10/18

Minn students still above average, but tests continue to show racial disparities
Duluth News Tribune - 4/10/18

Teachers acquire a new skill: how to stop the bleeding
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/9/18

School Security Bills Moving Through Legislature
5 Eyewitness News - 4/9/18

With More Kids Skipping Tests, Minnesota Officials Fret Over School Accountability Implications
Ed Week Blog - 4/5/18

State to count MCA opt-outs
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 4/3/18

Minnesota lawmakers look to add protections for students who run a lunch account deficit
MinnPost - 4/3/18

School-safety discussions are incomplete without support staff
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 4/2/18

Minnesota House Republicans unveil $50 million school safety plan
Fox 9 News - 3/29/18

Committee considers changes to pre-K programming delivery
House Session Daily - 3/28/18

Regional school districts to work together on 'Innovation Zone' project
Lonsdale News Review - 3/26/18

Who should pay? Duluth, other Minnesota districts advocate for changes in how special education expenses are covered
Bemiji Pioneer - 3/25/18

Teacher licensing extension rejected
St. Peter's Herald - 3/23/18

Poll: Most U.S. teachers want gun control, not guns to carry
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/22/18

Minnesota lawmakers brainstorm new school safety efforts
Fox 9 - 3/21/18

Reducing student suspensions at core of omnibus E-12 bill
House Session Daily - 3/20/18

School safety always evolving
Star News - 3/17/18

Military enlistment activities may be added to list of excusable school absences
House Session Daily - 3/15/18

Grants could help schools harness solar energy
House Session Daily - 3/15/18

Rate schools like restaurants? Parents want simplicity, teachers warn it’s too complex
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 3/13/18

Plan to create school threat assessment teams receives bipartisan support
House Session Daily - 3/13/18

New teaching licensure system already facing changes
House Session Daily - 3/9/18

Child care’s quiet crisis: an update - Update from 2017

State aid sought to offer weekend vocational classes to high school students
House Session Daily - 3/8/18

Governor Dayton Proposes Safe and Secure Schools Act to Protect Kids, Reduce Gun Violence, and Save Lives
Office of Governor Mark Dayton - 3/7/18

Dayton backs $21M to boost school safety, student mental health
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/7/18

Bills aim to crackdown on teacher misconduct
House Session Daily - 3/6/18

Starting Line: Doing more to combat 'lunch shaming'
House Session Daily - 3/5/18

Schools and public safety: Minnesota doesn't have to stoop to arming teachers
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 3/1/18

Committee OKs measure intended to improve outcomes for students with dyslexia
House Session Daily - 3/1/18

New special education working group gains traction
House Session Daily - 3/1/18

Intermediate school districts seek support through new innovation grant
House Session Daily - 2/28/18

Minnesota Lawmakers Consider Ways To Protect Students From Gun Violence
CBS Minnesota - 2/27/18

Education committee approves measure aimed at preventing sex trafficking
House Session Daily - 2/27/18

Dayton school safety plan to focus on money, mental health
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/27/18

High school grad rates show only slight gains
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/27/18

Board overseeing Minnesota teacher licensure wants more time to come up with new rules
MinnPost - 2/26/18

MN Senate GOP agenda calls for school safety money
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/26/18

Education finance panel updated on teacher relief programs
House Session Daily - 2/22/18

Minnesota school districts turn to building design for security
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/22/18

Lockdown Practices Changing At Some Minnesota Schools
CBS Minnesota - 2/22/18

State Safety Experts Train Schools on Handling Threats
5 Eyewitness News - 2/22/18

Teaching Board's Failure to Report Educator Misconduct Sparks Legislative Action
5 Eyewitness News - 2/20/18

A cop per school? Minn. Senate leader raises that idea
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/19/18

Universal pre-K would make Minnesota’s child-care shortage much worse
MinnPost - 2/15/18

Preparing students for the workforce
Hutchinson Leader - 2/11/18

Minnesota is less likely to offer gifted programming than other states, report shows - 2/9/18

Minnesota schools revamping math instruction
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/7/18

Minnesota Department of Human Rights warns 43 school districts and charters over discipline disparities
MinnPost - 2/2/18

Lawmakers make bipartisan push to tackle sex trafficking
House Session Daily - 1/29/18

More Minnesota students are graduating, but how many are actually ready for jobs or college?
MinnPost - 1/24/18

School desegregation case goes to state Supreme Court
Minnesota Public Radio - 1/9/17

Does your school have a licensed school nurse? You may be surprised by the answer
MinnPost - 1/8/18

Robot invasion
Osakis Review - 1/3/18

Federal officials ask Minnesota to clarify its new school oversight plan
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 1/1/18

Study details participation in, benefits of college courses in high school
Watertown Daily Times - 12/30/17

Good news about Minnesota high school students
The Post Review - 12/27/17

Minnesota West, District 518 to offer ‘hybrid’ introduction to education course this spring
Daily Glove - 12/16/17

Minnesota schools looking for ways to address bullying
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 12/16/17

On Manufacturing: Trade groups help drive workforce development
Duluth News Tribune - 12/10/17

As schools drop out, Minnesota tech collaborative faces uncertain future
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 12/1/17

Charters put growing numbers in racial isolation
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 12/4/17

These Minnesota schools with low-income students are beating the odds
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 11/30/17

Keep pressing to ensure that teacher quality is the top priority in hiring and retention
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 11/29/17

Companies invest in high schools across state to boost vocational, engineering, other high-demand work
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 11/27/17

Scramble for Dual-Credit Certification
Inside Higher Ed - 11/27/17

Minnesota taxpayers largely said 'yes' to more school funding. But what does the future look like for the districts that struck out?
MinnPost - 11/27/17

Teachers with Criminal Pasts Licensed by State Board
KSTP Eyewitness News - 11/21/17

St. Paul schools see hope in 'restorative' discipline
Minnesota Public Radio - 11/20/17

Minnesota voters supported 82 percent of tax levies in November
Bemidji - 11/18/17

Minn. high court case could reshape teacher tenure
Minnesota Public Radio - 11/15/17

Investment in solar grows dramatically in Minnesota schools
Midwest Energy News - 11/14/17

Special Report: Early Education
Fox 21 News - 11/10/17

Across Minn., school funding finds support at the polls
Minnesota Public Radio - 11/8/17

No shortage of school questions on the ballot
Post-Bulletin - 11/1/17

Child care’s quiet crisis: an update
Center for Rural Policy and Development - 2017

GOP lawmakers ask feds to reject Minnesota school accountability plan
Minnesota Public Radio - 10/20/17

Burnout causing Minnesota teacher 'crisis'
Kare11 - 10/19/17

St. Peter schools cut down on suspensions, focus on new discipline
Mankato Free Press - 10/14/17

Gazelka: Ag2School tax credit brings needed relief to farmers, schools
Minnesota Senate Republican Caucas - 10/10/17

Minnesota: Abundance of Choice Destabilizes Neighborhood Schools and Produces High Levels of Segregation
Diane Ravitch's Blog - 10/10/17

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/24/17

Discipline disparities: How some Minnesota schools are working to reduce them
MinnPost - 10/10/17

New licensing system aims to reverse teacher shortage
Makato Free Press - 10/7/17

Understand school district needs before casting ballots
The Caledonia Argus - 10/3/17

Editorial: Minnesota school tax credit program for farmers is a policy winner

Inforum - 10/1/2017

Great need for skilled workers in Minnesota
KARE - 9/30/17

Career Expo to draw 700 high school student
The Globe - 9/30/17

Career Expo to draw 700 high school students
Mesabi County News

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Public school teachers: Legacy of low pay and little respect
Winona Daily News - 9/28/17

Meet the new Minnesota board that will begin overseeing teacher licensure on Jan. 1
MinnPost - 9/27/17

St. Paul tries free college prep for grads needing a boost
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/27/17

Minnesota awarded $21.2 million grant to improve reading skills of 30,000 students
Minnesota Department of Education - 9/29/17

Most states plan to use student absences to measure school success
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/26/17

School choice splits Twin Cities suburbs into haves, have-nots
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/24/17

Recruiting teachers with a social justice hook
Duluth News Tribune - 9/24/17

How school districts around Minnesota are responding to tension over immigration issues
MinnPost - 9/22/17

Minnesota proposes a new way to grade schools
St. Paul Pioneer Press 0 9/18/17

Minnesota ACT scores rise, remain among America's best
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/7/17

Minnesota appeals court upholds dismissal of teacher tenure suit
Bemidji Press - 9/5/17

Diversity grows in schools, but what about school boards?
Bemidji Press - 9/5/17

13 percent of Minnesota schools have 'extreme' chronic absence rates
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/1/17

School strives to fulfill students’ special needs
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 8/28/17

Local Schools Learning Quickly To Address Teacher Shortage
KEYC News - 8/22/17

Flexible learning: Mixing math and reading with stability balls and scoop rockers
MinnPost - 8/23/17

New view of achievement gap: Lawsuit spurs Twin Cities superintendents to change their approach to improving education equity
WDAY 6 - 8/16/17

More than scores: MN rethinks assessments of English language learners
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/11/17

Minnesota revamps the way it identifies low-performing schools, sticks with support model
MinnPost - 8/10/17

Minnesota math performance slipping; reading up slightly
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/7/17

Commentary - Federal education policy: Now deferring to states like Minnesota
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 8/8/17

St. Paul students’ scores slide again

St. Paul Pioneer Press - 8/8/17

Dayton bemoans size of pre-K expansion
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/4/17

Minnesota keeps testing students, but new plan revamps grading of schools
Faribault Daily News - 8/2/17

District to take new tact in finding subs for teachers
Star News - 8/1/17

Minnesota High Schools make commitment to transform the “Win-at-all-Costs” sports culture
DL-Online - 8/1/17

Report: Minnesota, Wisconsin Among Top 10 Best School Systems In U.S.
CBS News - 7/31/17

Almost 3 percent of Minnesota teens identify as transgender, gender nonconforming
SC Times - 7/29/17

Minnesota’s Proposed ‘Transgender Tool Kit’ For Students Causes A Stir
CBS Minnesota - 7/19/17

Ag land tax credit coming in 2018
Sentinel - 7/15/17

Franken introduces bill to fight teacher shortage
Brainerd Dispatch - 7/15/17

College-going rate among MN high school graduates dips below 70 percent
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 7/7/17

Advocates push to ensure Minnesota's new education plan supports English Learners
MinnPost - 6/30/17

Minnesota parents continue argument that unions protect bad teachers
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 6/28/17

Minnesota schools say student support grants paying off
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/27/17

School vouchers get a new report card
National Public Radio - 6/26/17

Does Minnesota lead the nation in per pupil spending? Not anymore
Tribune News Service - 6/23/17

Minnesota schools are getting $483M in new funding. Why are so many still tightening belts?
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 6/17/17

New rules will make teacher requirements more flexible
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/14/17

LIFO surprise: With contentious ‘last in, first out’ suddenly gone from statute, where are teacher layoff policies headed?
MinnPost - 6/8/17

New lead-testing mandate lies ahead for schools
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/7/17

Asked about discrimination, DeVos said this 14 times
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/7/17

Minnesota Legislature decisions will impact Northfield, Faribault schools
Northfield News - 6/6/17

New lead-testing mandate lies ahead for schoolsCompromise education bill passed by House in special session
House Session Daily - 5/24/17

Mark Dayton vetoes teacher licensing overhaul bill
St. Pioneer Press - 5/18/17

Minnesota standardized test scores have a new value. Here’s why it could pay to opt-in.
MinnPost - 5/18/17

Tax relief bill could be deal maker for school referendums
Daily Globe - 5/17/17

Teacher licensing overhaul heads to Mark Dayton — whether he’ll veto it is unclear
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 5/17/17

Joe Nathan column: 2 new ways to save thousands in college costs
Hometown Source - 5/17/17

Lessons on race and vouchers from Milwaukee
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/16/17

Lawmakers hope teacher licensing changes are enough to win Dayton’s support
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 5/15/17

What’s the right answer for preschool education?
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 5/13/17

Lawmakers look to weigh in on Minnesota’s federal education accountability plan
MinnPost - 5/11/17

Dayton, GOP far apart on K-12 education funding
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 5/3/17

One principal’s Twitter invite and the budget realities he wants to share
MinnPost - 5/1/17

More Access to Early-Childhood Education Needed in Minnesota
Public News Service - 4/27/17

Dayton lays out veto threats
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/26/17

Minnesota proceeds with caution — and questions — as it complies with federal education law under DeVos
MinnPost - 4/19/17

Absences, fitness, atmosphere -- new ways to track schools
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/17/17

When school choice means choosing segregation
Vice News - 4/12/17

Farmers could see 40 percent tax credit relief
Marshall Independent - 4/12/16

Having just one black teacher can keep black kids in school
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/10/17

Perpich arts center focuses on overhaul amid shutdown talk
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/10/17

Could new system curb Minnesota's teacher shortage?
Duluth News Tribune - 4/8/17

Who will teach career and technical training courses that states want?
PBS News Hour - 4/6/17

Lawmakers fine-tune proposed overhaul of teacher licensing in Minnesota
MinnPost - 4/5/17

MN Senate passes tax bill amid school squables
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/3/17

Senate GOP Approves Private School Tax Credit Measure
CBS Minnesota - 4/3/17

Minnesota House OKs teacher licensing overhaul
The Bemidji Pioneer - 4/3/17

Minnesota House approves education funding bill; Dayton wants more
Duluth News Tribune - 4/1/17

A State Shutdown Over Pre-K Funding?
Alpha News - 3/29/17

Minnesota Index: Teacher supply
House Session Daily - 3/27/107

Minnesota's teacher shortage: real, complicated
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/27/17

Early-childhood education money in dispute
Morris Sun Tribune - 3/28/17

Omnibus education finance bill approved during contentious hearing
House Session Daily - 3/24/17

Omnibus Ed finance bill offers opportunity in some areas, closes doors in others
House Session Daily - 3/22/17

Teacher seniority no guarantee
House Session Daily - 3/16/17

Seniority-based teacher layoffs debate will reignite Thursday at the Capitol
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 3/15/17

Proposed post-secondary programs for students with disabilities offer opportunity
House Session Daily - 3/15/17

Student concurrent enrollment programs seek equal footing
House Session Daily - 3/14/17

Chronic absence is the most important education problem in Minnesota that no one is talking about
MinnPost - 3/13/17

Court of Appeals rejects suit alleging state promotes school segregation
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/13/17

Minnesota schools slow to implement the Common Core national academic benchmarks
Duluth News Tribune - 3/11/17

Guest opinion: Setting the record straight on school trust lands
Brainerd Dispatch - 3/11/17

Bill could allow NorthStar students to earn school credits
Echo Press - 3/10/17

E-12 education policy omnibus bill takes shape
House Session Daily - 3/9/17

'Tax Credit Scholarships,' Praised By Trump, Turn Profits For Some Donors
National Public Radio - 3/7/17

Grants sought to provide mentor support for low-performing students
House Session Daily- - 3/7/17

Omnibus K-12 education policy bill aims to ‘do no harm

House Session Daily - 3/7/17

Audit: Educators do not understand how to use test results
Brainerd Dispatch - 3/6/17

Auditor: Testing takes up significant school time, has limited usefulness
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/6/17

Report on Student Assessments
Office of the Legislative Auditor - 3/6/17

Shortage forces Twin Cities schools to find creative ways to hire teachers and keep them
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 3/4/17

Minnesota legislators consider banning snow days, annoying kids statewide
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 3/2/17

‘Innovative approach’ proposed for teacher shortage situation
House Session Daily - 3/2/17

Just what IS a charter school, anyway?
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/1/17

Task force sought to review ‘cumbersome’ school financing system
House Session Daily - 2/28/17

Minnesota's high school graduation rates inched up last year, as racial gaps narrowed slightly
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/23/17

Meet Rep. Ron Kresha, the man behind two of the most controversial education bills at the state Capitol
MinnPost - 2/23/17   

Proposed teacher licensure changes create optimism, concerns
House Session Daily - 2/21/17

MN lawmakers want to overhaul how teachers get licensed
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 2/21/17

Teachers of color pitch proposals to increase ranks
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/21/17

The Legislature is going to be debating education funding again. How, exactly, does Minnesota pay for its schools?
MinnPost - 2/17/17

In school referendums, it's farms v. towns: Winona-area lawmakers exploring relief for rural tax bills
Winona Daily News - 2/12/17

Minnesota renews fight over school choice options
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/11/17


Minnesota Public Radio - 2/1/17
Recess gets a makeover
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/1/17
National Public Radio - 1/31/17

Education bill sets off debate in Minnesota

St. Paul Pioneer Press - 1/25/17

Mental health issues on the rise in schools
Post Bulletin - 1/7/17

Minnesota earns C+ in national report on K-12 education
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 1/4/16

Better nutrition for students can help narrow learning gaps
Austin Daily Herald - 1/1/17

The 6 education stories to watch in 2017
MinnPost - 12/27/16

County and its partners get creative, and technical, with mental health issues
Pine Herald - 12/26/16

Legislative group adopts framework to fix teacher-licensure system
MinnPost - 12/22/16

Child Advocates Urge Minnesota Legislators to Pass 'Erin's Law'

Growing property tax bills alarm farmers
Mankato Free Press - 12/8/16

Our view: Don’t jeopardize jump-start on college
Duluth News Tribune - 11/30/16

Michael J. Petrilli and Brandon L. Wright: Flexibility can boost education
Post Bulletin - 11/30/16

Will “school choice on steroids” get a boost under a Trump administration?
Heching Report - 11/28/16

State grants brings more support staff to 77 schools
Minnesota Public Radio - 11/18/16

Dayton-Smith Administration Announces Grants to Fund School Counselors and Student Support Staff at 77 Schools
Office of Governor Mark Dayton - 11/18/16

U of Minn. won't renew contract with Teach for America
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 11/7/16

Should Minnesota do more to stop standardized test cheating?
Inforum - 11/5/I6

Children are most likely to gain weight in summer, not winter
Minnesota Public Radio - 11/2/16

Survey: Minn. students reduce risky behavior, but 1 in 5 show depression
Minnesota Public Radio - 11/1/16

Judge rejects challenge to Minnesota teacher tenure laws
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 10/27/16

MN 8th- and 4th-graders outpace national test averages, but achievement gap persists
Minnesota Public Radio - 10/27/16

What are the main reasons teachers call it quits?
Minnesota Public Radio - 10/24/16

Klobuchar, Franken Announce $1.5 Million in Federal Funding for the Minnesota Apprenticeship Expansion Initiative
Real Estaterama - 10/24/16

Fewer college students taking remedial classes in state system
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 10/19/16

How Minnesota employers are trying to get more students interested in manufacturing
MinnPost - 10/18/16

A quiet crisis: Minnesota’s child care shortage - September 2016

Mark D. Matuska: Tax relief for our farmers also benefits our students
Post Bulletin - 9/30/16

Changes to teacher qualification requirements could lead to fewer college in high school options for students
The Caledonia Argus - 9/20/16

Here's how schools can support students' mental health
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/20/16

Charter school movement 25 years old, continues to grow
Shoreview Press - 9/7/16

Diversity of languages among Minnesota's schoolchildren is growing
Minneapolis Star Tribun - 9/6/16

MN Supreme Court ruling shifts school expulsion policy
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/6/16

New year brings new look at safety in Minnesota schools
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 9/5/16

School accountability measure headed for more change
Minnesota Public Radio - 9/1/16

Faribault, Northfield talk school psychologist shortage as position grows in importance
Northfield News - 8/24/16

MN ACT scores slip, but remain among nation's highest
Kare 11 News - 8/24/16

Americans like their schools just fine -- but not yours
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/23/16

Teacher tenure laws upheld in California
Minnesota Public Radio - 8/22/16

17 Minnesota High Schools Make Newsweek’s Top 500
Stillwater Patch - 8/11/16

Minnesota teachers apply for shortage relief
Post-Bulletin - 8/11/16

List of 74 Minnesota districts awarded preschool funding
Fox 9 News - 8/8/16

New data: Minn. test scores stagnant, achievement gap unchanged
Minnesota Public Radio - 7/28/16

Cautious optimism, and a lot of questions, about what the new federal education law will mean for Minnesota
MinnPost - 7/22/16

Addressing mental health issues in schools
Minnesota Public Radio - 7/20/16

Gov. Mark Dayton's plan fell short, but Legislature didn't ignore education
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 7/16/16

Parents sue state, school districts over teacher tenure
Minnesota Public Radio - 7/14/16

Educated workforce is paying off for Minnesota: Gov. Dayton
CNBC - 7/12/16

Rule change helps Minnesota schools avoid expensive elections
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 7/5/16

Board of Teaching found to continue failing to operate alternative licensing program
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 7/5/16

What good preschool looks like: Snapshots from 4 states
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/29/16

Schools taking a 'restorative' approach to discipline
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/23/16

Program targets teacher scarcities with loan relief
Up to $5,000 would be granted to teachers who choose to work in underserved areas.

Minnesota Daily - 6/22/16

Demand for recovery schools on the rise
Education Dive - 6/20/16

'Chartering' has changed significantly since introduction in Minnesota
Education Dive - 6/14/16

MnSCU quietly doubles the cost of earning college credit in high school
City Pages - 6/13/16

Price hike for high schools offering college courses draws criticism
Minnesota Public Radio - 6/8/16

How rural students are benefiting from a grass-roots mentorship program you've probably never heard of
MinnPost - 6/8/16

The civil rights problem in U.S. schools: 10 new numbers
Minnesota Public Radio- 6/7/16

LoveWorks, a beloved but low-performing charter school, pursues new alternative to shutting down
MinnPost - 6/6/16

From pre-K to school discipline: a look at the education initiatives that survived Minnesota's 2016 legislative session
MinnPost - 6/3/16

Why Minnesota needs more teachers of color
Twin Cities Daily Planet - 5/30/16

School bond taxes may be cut for farms
DL-Online - 5/25/16

Student support gets boost in Minnesota's supplemental budget
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/24/16

Licensing staff crunch blamed for shortage of teachers in Minnesota
Duluth Herald Tribune - 5/19/16

Joe Nathan column: 100 percent price increase from MnSCU is way too much - 5/19/16

New school discipline less punitive, more restorative
Post Bulletin - 5/13/16

Could the next essential disciplinary tool in St. Paul schools be a talking stick?
MinnPost - 5/11/16

Privacy advocates say student data legislation needs more work
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/10/16

Do charter schools work? On their 25th anniversary, results remain a work in progress
Deseret News - 5/9/16

School counselors face changing roles, growing need
SCTimes - 5/8/16

Donald Trump on education: Wrong, wrong and wrong
The Washington Post - 5/8/16

Duluth school district added to teacher tenure lawsuit
Duluth News Tribune - 5/5/16

Minnesota Sober School Takes Addiction Support Online
5 Eyewitness News - 5/5/16

DFL wants student support funds now, but GOP isn't budging
Minnesota Public Radio - 5/3/16

Minnesota manufacturing survey finds 'stigma' of blue-collar work a hurdle to attracting young people
MinnPost - 5/3/16

ABC 6 News Investigates SE Minnesota Teacher Shortage: "Who's Teaching Our Kids?"
KAAL TV - 5/2/16

1,400 Tutors Needed for 2016-17 School Year
Market Wired - 5/2/16

Osseo schools head off misbehavior before it starts
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 5/2/16

District sees higher teacher-to-student ratio
Albert Lea Tribune - 5/2/16

Mark Dayton: Spend loan windfall on Minnesota schools
St.. Paul Pioneer Press - 4/28/16

Senators reject bill to expel students who are violent towards teachers
Perham Focus - 4/28/16

Minnesota House debates bare-bones budget bill for schools, universities

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 4/26/16

House passes omnibus education bill with limited funding, controversial policy
House Session Daily - 4/25/16

Can more money fix America's schools?
National Public Radio - 4/25/16

Education funding debate echos overall Minnesota money dispute
Duluth News Tribune - 4/25/16

House GOP: Schools, rural Minnesota need broadband most
Associated Press - 4/20/16

School discipline method teaches students how to behave
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/19/16

House DFLers call for action on disparity ‘crisis’
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/19/16

Why America's Schools Have A Money Problem
National Public Radio - 4/18/16

Vergara overturned, but teacher tenure conversation changed forever
WatchDog - 4/15/16

$50M Divide In State Senate, House Education Proposals
CBS Minnesota - 4/14/16

House GOP: Schools, rural Minnesota need broadband most
Miami Herald - 4/13/16

House GOP targets teacher diversity in budget plan
Associated Press - 4/13/15

Interest groups' lawsuit will target Minnesota teachers union protections
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 4/13/16

In funding fight, Minnesota school counselors now push for themselves
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 4/10/16

MN teachers union wants surplus money to boost racial equity in schools
Minnesota Public Radio - 4/5/16

Proposal would take ‘first step’ in addressing student assaults on teachers
House Session Daily - 4/5/16

Multiple bills seek to address teacher shortages, diversity issues
House Session Daily - 4/4/16

Omnibus education policy bill takes shape
House Session - 3/31/16

Dayton eyes surplus for broadband, tax cuts, education
The Mankato Free Press - 3/16/16

MN Lawmakers Consider New Gym Class Standards for Kids - See more at: //

Educational savings accounts for children with special needs proposed

House Session Daily -

MN Lawmaker Considers New Gym Class Standards for Kids

Public News Service - 3/16/16

Governor Dayton and Lt. Governor Smith Release 2016 Supplemental Budget for a Better Minnesota
Office of Governor Mark Dayton - 3/15/16

Dayton’s Budget Proposes Less For Early Education

CBS Minnesota - 3/15/16

Group offers teacher shortage solutions

Kare11 - 3/14/16

Audit declares Minnesota's teacher licensure system 'broken.' But what's next?

MinnPost - 3/8/16

Minnesota's graduation gap: By the numbers
Minnesota Public Radio - 3/7/16

What education issues are on tap for Minnesota's 2016 legislative session?
MinnPost - 3/3/16

Legislators to consider early-childhood funding
Duluth News Tribune - 2/29/16

A Battle On Education Spending Is Brewing
CBS Minnesota - 2/28/16

Supreme Court to hear overturned expulsion appeal
Mankato Free Press - 2/27/16

More detailed student data seen as key to narrowing the achievement gap
MinnPost - 2/26/16

Graduation Rates Continue Showing Upward Trend, Gap Closure - Contains State/District/School Data
Minnesota Department of Education - 2/22/16

MN graduation rates show small, uneven increase
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/22/16

Pools at all Minn. schools too costly, so state recommends buddy system
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/21/16

Minnesota schools not closing achievement gaps, new state report shows
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/17/16

Fixing Minnesota’s school counselor crunch: If not now, say advocates, then when? - 2/12/16

Solutions for Stressed-Out High-School Students
Wall Street Journal - 2/12/16

Nonprofit brings coding classes to Minnesota elementary schools
Fox 9 News - 2/11/16

Hundreds of Minnesota School Districts Face Transportation Budget Deficits
5 Eyewitness News - 2/9/16

Minnesota Department of Education addresses summer 'nutrition gap'
Duluth News Tribune - 2/7/16

Don Heinzman column: Increased funding needed for students’ mental health support - 2/5/16

Faster broadband suggested as some rural Minnesota areas remain behind
Grand Forks Herald - 2/4/16

'Minnesota Model' for early learning is on the right track
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/4/16

Teaching board fights against alternative license path
Minnesota Public Radio - 1/29/16

Minnesota Budget Bites - 4/22/14

Post-break, DFL legislators face dealmaking with GOP, selves
MinnPost - 4/17/14

Senate $210 million bill benefits preschool programs, caregivers
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 4/9/14

As Senate debates budget, Dayton urges restraint
The Washington Times - 4/8/14

Minn. Has The 6th-Highest Taxes In The U.S., Census Bureau Says
CBS Minnesota - 4/8/14

House passes wide-ranging supplemental budget bill
Twin Cities Daily Planet - 4/4/14

Several Republican amendments help tax bill move through House 125-0
House Session Daily - 4/4/14

Lawmakers divided on priorities for $1.2 billion surplus
Capitol Chatter - 2/28/14

Budget surplus may fast-track tax cuts and produce big bonding bill
MinnPost - 2/28/14

Move to repeal taxes faces some hurdles
Finance & Commerce - 2/14/14

As economy recovers, DFL lawmakers press to fill state budget reserve
Minnesota Public Radio - 2/14/14

BMO Economics: Minnesota Economy Continues to Grow at a Modest Pace
Market Wired - 2/4/14

Minnesota’s fiscal future: 2014 and beyond
MinnPost - 1/6/14

State Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.6 Percent
Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development - 12/19/13

Moody's says state school shift payback helps outlook
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 12/14/13

Arne Carlson credits Minnesota’s diverse economy, not politicians, for budget surplus
MinnPost - 12/6/13

Minnesota forecasts $1.1 billion budget surplus
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 12/5/13

New state economic forecast shows $1 billion surplus
Minnesota Public Radio - 12/5/13

November Forecast Information
Minnesota Management & Budget - 12/5/13

New York Times: Pay attention to Minnesota and Wisconsin
The Cap Times - 11/26/13

Right vs. Left in the Midwest
New York Times - 11/24/13

Legislature must find money before new taxes can disappear
Capitol Chatter - 10/28/13

Minn. Public Schools to Get $636M in State Back Pay
KSTP - 9/30/13

Minnesota Schools To Learn Amount Of Back Pay By State
AP - 9/29/13

Both GOP and DFL are happy — and quick — to claim credit for Minnesota's lofty business ranking
MinnPost - 9/27/13

State tax revenues up $463 million
MPR - 7/10/13

Minnesota pulls in $300 million tax windfall; schools stand to gain
Star Tribune - 6/3/13 

DFL leaders say budget is 'progress;' GOP says it's 'tax, tax, tax'
Star Tribune - 5/21/13 

Budget in limbo with legislative deadline just hours away
MPR - 5/20/13 

Legislature wrapping up big budget bills, but controversial measures linger
MinnPost - 5/19/13 

Gov. Dayton, DFL legislative leaders have tax deal for budget
MinnPost - 5/16/13 

Tax deal reached
MPR - 5/16/13 

Heavy lifting on budget still needed at Capitol
MPR - 5/14/13 

Dayton, DFL leaders agree on budget targets
MPR - 5/12/13 

Dayton, DFL leaders still looking for budget deal
MPR - 5/7/13 

Minnesota income tax increases virtually certain — but not tax reform
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