Schools for Equity in Education                                                                          

All public school children must have equal access to a high quality education regardless of where they live in Minnesota.

Basic Legislative Platform Information

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Talking points on the specific legislative platform issues. 

Tax Relief and Reform
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Find out specific information on your SEE district! 

Where do you live? Comparison charts for each SEE district for the maximum allowed referendum by law plus local option revenue ($2,353 per pupil).

Disparity Charts for SEE Districts - Charts compare the taxpayer cost and levy revenue generated for the district''s current levy.

Equalization primer- geared for legislators.

Adequate Funding

2017-18 Revenue Rankings by District (SEE districts highlighted)

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The History of the General Education Basic Formula
Basic Formula Chart - IPD and CPI
Basic Formula Chart - IPD
Basic Formula Chart - CPI  
NOTE:  Consumer Price Index (CPI) calculates inflation based on a basket of goods that a consumer would purchase.  Substitutions are allowed, such as swapping pears for apples based on availability and price.  The Implicit Price Deflator (IPD) is based on the cost of state and local government expenditures, which can be a more accurate measure of inflation than CPI  for labor intensive entities like education that face significant price pressures like decades-long double-digit increases for employee health insurance.