Schools for Equity in Education                                                                                                 

All public school children must have equal access to a high quality education regardless of where they live in Minnesota.

Education Legislation

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SEE Side-by-Side Comparison - Compares the Final, House, Senate and Governor's education-related provisions in the bills.  

SF3656 - Supplemental Finance Omnibus Bill - VETOED BY GOVERNOR

HF1226 - Bonding Bill - SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

The bonding bill contains the only new resources for schools.  There is $25 million for school districts to apply fo a grant up to $500,000 to make enhancements to schools to increase safety.  This equates to 50 grants, maybe a few more if some districts apply for less than $500,000.  Considering Minnesota has 331 school districts, only a small fraction (15%) of districts will receive any funding. 

HF947 - Tax Conformity Omnibus Bill - VETOED BY GOVERNOR

  • Bill Text (Education provisions at the beginning)

SF2620 (Rosen) - The Pension Bill - SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

The bill works to stabilize the pension plans of state employees.  On the education side, changes to the Teachers Retirement Account (TRA) increases the employers contribution by 1.25% over six years.  This bill contains the funding for the school district's increased contribution.  Also, the funding goes directly to a TRA pension transfer account and not routed through the school district.  Summary / Bill Text.  SEE strongly supports this bill that keeps the cost of the increase from competing with dollars for the classroom.  

Conference Committee (5/15/18)

Both the House and Senate have rolled all of their finance and policy bills - K-12 education, higher eduction, transportation state government, jobs and energy, health and human services and agriculture - into single supplemental finance omnibus bills.

SF3656/HF4328 - Conference Committee Agreement on E-12 Education 

Change Items FINAL - Summary of New Spending  
Article 33-School Safety
Article 34-General Education
Article 35-Education Excellence
Article 36-Teachers
Article 37-Special Education
Article 38-Facilities, Technology, Libraries, and Nutrition
Article 39-Early Education and Self-Sufficiency
Article 40-State Agencies
Article 41-Forecast Adjustments
State Aid Appropriations - Spreadsheet
Levy Tracking - Spreadsheet

Documents for the conference committee to use while negotiating (5/8/18)

Education Finance Bills

House - HF4328 (Loon - R) includes HF3315 policy provisions
Senate - SF3928 (Nelson - R)

Governor's Supplemental Budget Proposal

Governor Mark Dayton proposes $137 million in emergency school aid, acknowledging many school districts are facing budget shortfalls.  (5/1/18)

Education Policy Bills

House - HF3315 Erickson (R-Princeton)

Senate - SF3086 Pratt (R - Prior Lake)