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Education Legislation
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NOTE: Due to the coronavirus, the Legislature has stopped all regular business until April 14 and is only meeting when required to pass urgent legislation.

2020 SEE Bill Summary
The 2020 SEE bill summary shows bills introduced and scheduled in committee this year.  All the bills introduced from in 2019 are technically still active but most legislators are fine tuning their 2019 bills and reintroducing them for 2020. 


The Governor's Education Budget Recommendation

HF3186 - The Governor's Education Policy Bill

Referendum Equalization

HF3171 (Huot - DFL) / SF3706 (Nelson - R) spends $40 million annually to provide property tax relief for voter-approved operating referendums.  The bill also indexes to the average market value so the equalization will not erode over time.  
Equalization District Data Run - shows the property tax relief for each school district. 

The Senate leadership announced on Thursday, February 20 their Get Your Billion Back MN Plan, which gives the $1.3 billion budget surplus back to the taxpayers.  As only about $250 million of the surplus is on-going, that could put a significant strain on next year's budget cycle.  However, the plan does include $20 million annually for voter-approved equalization.  It does not index to the average market value.
SF3533 (Chamberlain - R) / HF3715 (Davids - R)
Equalization District Data Run - shows the property tax relief for each school district.

Safe School Aid 

SF3629 (Nelson - R) / HF4338 (Erickson - R) increases the current safe school aid to $36 per pupil from $34 per pupil for just the 2020-21 school year after which the aid would discontinue.  Sen. Nelson intent is to make it permanent in the next legislative budget year, which is the 2021 Legislative Session
SF3629 Safe School Aid District Data Run