Schools for Equity in Education                                                                                                 

All public school children must have equal access to a high quality education regardless of where they live in Minnesota.

Education Legislation

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2017 Final Education and Tax Bills

***SEE education-related  provisions side by-side-comparison*** of the Governor, Conference Committee, and final omnibus bills (this document in a work in progress and will be updated as needed).  Last updated 5/24/17

Special Session HF2 - Education Omnibus Bill (Budget Target = $483 million)

Special Session HF1 - Tax Omnibus Bill (Budget Target = $660 million)

HF890 Education Conference Committee - 5/4/17
The education conference committee revealed the negotiated education omnibus bill - HF890.

HF4 Tax Conference Committee - the tax conference committee report contains several education-related provisions. Last updated 5/11/17

Governor Mark Dayton Released Documents Comparing His Education Budget Proposals to the House and Senate - 4/6/17

HF140 - Teacher Licensure - The teacher licensure conference committee bill passed through the Legislature and is awaiting a signature or veto from Governor Mark Dayton. Updated 5/18/17

The Education Funding and Policy Omnibus Bills

***SEE budget provisions side by side comparison of the Governor, House and Senate
( this document in a work in progress and will be updated as amendment are adopted.  Last updated 3/31/17 at 12:52 p.m.

HF890 (Loon) - The House Education Finance Omnibus bill (includes HF1376 (Erickson) policy omnibus bill)

SF718 (Nelson) – The Senate Education Finance Omnibus (includes SF1222 (Pratt) policy omnibus bill)

The Tax Omnibus Bills

SF2255 (Chamberlain) - The Senate Tax Omnibus Bill
Includes $16 million in property tax relief through debt service equalization but only for one year - taxes payable in 201818 for the 2018-19 school year.  This means taxes will go down in 2018 and then rise right back up in 2019.

The Education Policy Omnibus Bills

HF1376 (Erickson) - The House Education Policy Omnibus Bill

SF1222 (Pratt) - The Senate Education Policy Omnibus Bill